Are you the next Str8Up Star?

Do you ever watch tv shows and think that should be you on TV? Or, has anyone ever said that you should have your own TV show? Well, this is your chance to pitch yourself directly to Str8UpTV's casting crew. Tell us why you, your friends or family should star in your own Str8UpTv show!

Email the following information:

1. Full Name.

2. Address (Street, City, State, Zip Code).

3. Phone Number (e.g. 1 201-234-5678).

4. Email (e.g.

5. Gender.

6. Age.

7. Occupation.

8. Pitch us! Tell us why YOU would make a great TV show!

9. On the topic you are suggesting, are you a(n): Expert? Business? Individual?

10. Optional: Send us a relevant photo.

11. Optional: Link us to a relevant video online.